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Wedding Bouquet

Luxury Collection




  • Two Planning consultations

  • Correspondence with Wedding Venue(s) regarding Setup instructions and details

  • Custom Wedding Day  timelines for your Vendors and Wedding Party

  • Includes detailed Schedule for overall Wedding Day, Ceremony, and Reception

  • Includes Special Program for the Emcee

  • Checklist of Personal Items needed for your Wedding Day

  • Wedding Etiquette Guidance


  • Vendor Coordination (Contracted vendors)

  • Vision of Overall Event, Style, Story and Custom Design Elements

  • Review of Banquet Event Order from Venue

  • Budget Maintenance


  • Wedding Day Director

  • Liaison between you and vendors to execute Desires

  • Instruct and Oversee all Duties of Participants

  • Oversee Set-up

  • Assist Bride & Maids with Dressing

  • Supervise all Vendors and Professionals                                                                                     (Including Photographers, Florist, and Caterers)

  • Ensure everything runs as Planned

  • Handle Necessary Payments

  • Supervise entire Ceremony and Reception

  • Attend to Guests' Special Needs

  • Create a Magical Wedding!

Examples of Luxury Collection

Wedding Table Set
The Wedding Aisle
Tropical Wedding
Provence Style Dinner Set

These photos are not property of Gorgeous By Design. They are representative of the kind of Design to be expected from this Package.

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