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Weddings are nerve-wracking...

Your wedding day  should be perfect.

This is what we are here for, and why we are so passionate about making your Dream Wedding Come True..

Thanks so much for stopping to find out more about what we are up to at GORGEOUS WEDDINGS by Gorgeous by Design Events! Take a deep breath and get comfortable. Let's talk about how can make your special day truly breathtaking.

GORGEOUS WEDDINGS is full service event and wedding planning and design company! This is the space is where you get to manifest and surpass your vision for your wedding! We have been designing and coordinating events for 15 years  and bring our dedication, love of beauty and willingness to be inspired to your special day.

Focus and details are the foundation of our approach to planning and design. At GORGEOUS WEDDINGS our goal is for you to know that you can show up as a guest to your own event and the experience is better than what you imagine. To see you smiling and relaxed with family and enjoying every precious moment of your special day filled with priceless memories is what we make happen for you. And of course NO stress!

Welcome to the GORGEOUS WEDDING family and thanks in advance for giving us the opportunity to earn your Trust and your Delight.

Too Gorgeousness,

Gorgeous Wedding Team

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